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Utah #1, I-70 2020 - Limited Edition of 10 Photograph (Framed)

Utah #1, I-70 2020 - Limited Edition of 10 Photograph (Framed)

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1 of an edition of 10
24x36 inches

"James Weir is an American artist, based in Los Angeles, who shoots his body of photographs almost exclusively from his car window. If Garry Winogrand is the quintessential New York photographer, capturing the spirit of the city's bustling sidewalks on foot, then James is Los Angeles' answer, distilling that familiar vacant grit of auto-bound L.A. and the American West into something beautiful-without, as he says, 'the crutch of an exotic location,' nor the possibility of 'over-working' them, due to their fleeting nature."

Nicole Garton
Fair Director, The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles & Dallas

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